Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wow... 20 Years!

My oh my, how time flies! 

Over 20 years ago, Jaqueline and Ken Mckinster were searching for a preschool for their children. They discovered that quality educational programs and child care was difficult to find and were at a loss when presented with the available options. This struggle was the catalyst that drove them to put all of their time, faith, money, heart and soul into developing Creative Minds Learning Centers, which came to be in February, 1997. 

Through education and after countless hours of hard work, the Mckinsters opened the first Creative Minds school in 2000, with CMLC’s very first student, their son, KJ Mckinster. The schools are dedicated to the memory of KJ, who passed away on April 11th, 2008. He was a straight A student and a high achiever with a passion for life and being kind to others. Creative Minds continues to thrive as KJ’s spirit lives on through the hallways of the schools 
with a strong school community of children, teachers and families.

KJ Mckinster, CMLC's First Student
20 years later, there are 7 Creative Minds Learning Center locations! Creative Minds is home to over 400 families and 100 plus employees with sights set on opening more schools in the near future. The school is committed to providing exceptional education and child care for children, to best serve the needs of families in the community. We strive for a warm and creative environment, where children can safely explore and learn about the world around them. 

 The school will be having a month-long tribute of events, community fundraisers and tuition specials to celebrate the milestone while looking back on the many memories shared over the years. These are highlighted by participating in a Diaper Drive, benefiting the PDX Diaper Bank as well as having weekly celebrations in honor of the school’s Anniversary! 

The entire Creative Minds Team is so thankful to all of the students and families that we have served throughout the years. The children and surrounding community really help make Creative Minds an amazing space to achieve our three main goals. We aim to help students develop social and emotional skills, to help them prepare for their elementary education. Additionally, we focus on intellectual development and the acquisition of meaningful and useful academic skills. We believe that children are naturally capable and willing to learn and typically begin reading at the Pre-Kindergarten stage. 

These goals could not be achieved without the dedication and creativity of our Teaching Team. We pride ourselves on having an open and supportive environment not only for the families that we serve, but also for our Teachers. We love our teachers at Creative Minds and are extremely thankful for them every day!