Wednesday, December 28, 2016

When you have to go to work...

For working parents, the work/life balance seems harder and harder to achieve these days. Between all of the daily tasks that need to be done, work, and having fun with your family, it can be tough to find quality time with your children. An increasing number of parents are working throughout their child’s early years of development and don't want to miss those early milestones such as, first steps, first words, rolling over, sitting up, giggles, art projects and more.
This is one reason why working in childcare is so wonderful - you get to spend all day with your child who is also enrolled at that same school. The parents that work with Creative Minds share this special relationship with their child every day. And this relationship spans generations; for example the mother of our bookkeeper also works for our schools. 

Working in the childcare center or Preschool that your child attends provides you an opportunity to see those milestones first hand while also bringing home a paycheck. Not to mention the generous childcare discount that teachers and staff receive. Many of our team members have their kids with them every day at that same school, from our directors to our maintenance team members. 

One of the most exciting things is that this ability to work where your children are, is that it empowers women to return to the workforce after having children. Mothers and fathers who would otherwise be stay at home parents, are able to spend quality time with their children and see first hand what their day encompasses, while also working and fulfilling a desire to remain in the workforce, if they so choose. 

Take Kayla, for example. She has been working with Creative Minds for over 7 years and has three children enrolled at our schools. She started out as a Teacher and has been promoted over the years into her role as our Area Director.

She writes about working with Creative Minds and having her children enrolled:

“I can’t express how grateful I am to work for a company that fully supported me through all three of my pregnancies and maternity leave periods. Due to the amazing childcare discount that CMLC offers, I to get to bring my children with me to work and know that they are in a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment. I feel so blessed to be able to pop into my kiddos’ classrooms throughout the day and have them share something exciting that they did for art or curriculum or to say hello and give them a hug. I’m constantly telling people that I have the best of both worlds. I get to work full time and be a full time mom. It doesn’t get better than that!”

-Kayla's son Clay reading to his class!
Many of our teachers, directors, and team members take advantage of our Child Care Discount Benefit Program at CMLC.

One of our CMLC teachers shares,  "It is wonderful to know exactly what kind of environment you child is spending time in, because you are there too" and that he is "very thankful for the opportunity to serve others' children as well as [his] own." 

Not many employers offer on-site childcare and Creative Minds is happy to be one of the few!

Check out our current open positions on our Employment Page. or call (503) 252-0004 ext. 0 to learn more about enrolling your child in our program.