Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sign Language in WM Jr. Toddler class

Welcome to Westmoreland Creative Minds Teacher Amika!
Teacher Amika is our new Jr. Toddlers Teacher! We are very excited to have the wonderful opportunity to have Teacher Amika as part of our staff. Today in Jr. Toddlers we learned some Sign Language, check out how smart we are!


T. Amika teaching cracker!

T. Kelsey teacher cracker





Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summertime at CMLC

What a HOT but beautiful sunny summer we are having! It is so wonderful to hear about the trips to the park, zoo, farmers market and the camping trips that our families are taking together!
On a walk with my friends!


When school lets out for the summer we are so excited to "Go to the park!" Our mornings are spent sharing with one another during circle time and station time. Then we have art and snack, next it is time to sunscreen up! We get our shoes on and head to the park!

Our Toddlers,Jr. Toddlers and Infants have had the opportunity to get out and run on the playground! They love the sunshine and watching the big kids run around! The infants favorite thing to do is walk and        explore with bark chips!

At QFC, our first walking field trip!!!
Our Westmorland PK/PS has been doing something new and exciting this year! We have been exploring our community by taking walking field trips to local businesses. so far, we have visited QFC,  we have had a field day at the local elementary school followed by a picnic where we were able to bring our own lunch to school! And we are going to visit our local Post Office this week! This has been a great experience we have learned a lot about our local community, different jobs that people do plus we get to get out and explore!

 We have a few more things to do this summer. Penny's Puppets will be at Westmoreland on July14th to perform a puppet show for our Older Infants through PK kiddos on the WIld ,Wild West. We will also be visiting the zoo! This is our BIG field trip and we can't wait

Thank you parents! We appreciate the sunscreen that you put on in the morning before school, the hats and tennis shoes that you bring for the playground and all the volunteering and extra help that you do for your child!
Thank you families!