Tuesday, February 25, 2014

CMLC Mail at Westmoreland!

Remember when you opened your lunch and found a note from home. It was so reassuring to see those words, "I love you" or "Can't wait to see you when you get home." It always made your day!
Well now you can do the same for your child, teacher or staff! In our front lobby we have an adorable mailbox with pens and paper ready to go! Just stop by and jot down a quick little note and pop it in the mailbox! Our friendly PK/PS letter carriers will deliver the mail to all classrooms after PM snack!
This is also a great way to have your child write letters at home to friends or teachers and bring them in the next day. What a great pre-writing skill to practice with your child. This teaches communication, fine motor, vocabulary and so much more. Plus it is fun to "get mail" from someone special!
So have fun with this! Send letters to family, friends, teachers, and staff. We can't wait to see our mailbox get full!