Monday, April 22, 2013

Celebrating Earth Day at CMLC!

Today at our CMLC Schools we will be celebrating Earth Day! This is a special occasion that comes once a year, where we have the opportunity to celebrate the wonderful planet we live on, Earth!

Throughout the month of April, CMLC kiddos have been learning about being Eco-Friendly and what they can do to conserve energy, recycle, and be green. Being Eco-Friendly is extremely important to CMLC, as we strive to set an example for the children on how to make smart choices when it comes to environmental issues. 

In the coming weeks we will continue to teach about "Being Green," as we create bird feeders out of recycled milk jugs, create classroom recycle bins, talk about saving energy by using a potato light bulb, and more. As we continue to teach the children about this important topics, feel free to talk with them at home to reiterate how together, we can help save our planet!

Earth Day Special Snack: Rice Cakes w/ Colored Cream Cheese